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You can save time and money by repairing the internal plasma TV problems yourself. You can fix internal plasma TV problems such as dead pixels, screen burn and other distortions.

1 Connect your external DVD player to your plasma TV and turn the power on. Use an external DVD player for this process, even if you have an internal DVD player on your plasma TV.

2. Access the TV’s main menu and navigate to Display Options and change your settings to the highest resolution available for your set.

3. Put a Pixel Corrector DVD into the external DVD player. Access the main menu and select the repair functions that you need, or let the wizard run all of the tests concurrently.

4. Let the repair wizard run the DVD and evaluate the improvement. Watch the washes, pixel corrector and other tests as it repairs your plasma screen, and rerun the repair wizard for problem areas that do not self-correct.

5. Use your repair and protect DVD on a regular basis. Use the DVD on other flat screen television sets to keep the plasma screens in good condition and protected from damage.

If nothing helps, feel free to contact D & G TV Repair at (847) 952-9550. We’ll fix all your TV problems!