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Want to Know How to Maintain Your Projection TV?

Projection televisions are usually not as expensive as other comparably sized models; however, they can need expensive maintenance and repairs every now and then. Some of the repairs have to be done by a professional although there are a few which homeowners can do themselves. The only serviceable part in most projection televisions will be the lamp; however, cleaning will sometimes correct problems, and calibration can sometimes be an option too. It is an excellent idea to first read the owner’s manual before trying any type of repair, to see what the right procedures are and to make sure no extended warranties are voided by performing the repairs yourself.

When the television display gets blurry or dim, one option is cleaning the inside of the unit. This kind of repair can be done at home if the right precautions are taken. The first thing to do when cleaning would be to unplug the set – this will prevent an electric shock and lessen the chances of damaging any internal components. It is then possible to safely remove the panel.

There are numerous ways to clean contaminants, such as camera lens cleaners, chemically propelled dusters, and blower units. If a chemically propelled cleaner is used, it is vital to hold the can level; this will ensure that the propellant is sprayed onto the lamp or the circuitry inside the television. With some cases, cleaning the lamp is not enough to restore the picture; in these cases you may have to contact your local TV repair service for help.

Another kind of repair will be replacing faulty lamps. Some televisions come with warning indicators which flash when a lamp is going to fail, while others simply fail to switch on. If a projection television fails to switch on but there is sound from the igniter, the lamp is the problem.

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